Jerusalem Experience UK










Big Screen Presentations


We offer a variety of audio visual presentations to suit all age groups and venues using a range of wide screen sizes, the largest measuring 14ft x 10ft.


The standard programme lasts 15-minutes and illustrates both Solomon’s and Herod’s Temple, and focuses on what Jesus did and taught while in Jerusalem.


The standard presentation is usually coupled with a 15-minute guided tour of the extensive model of Herod’s Temple.


The presentations have pre-recorded commentaries played over our sound system which is sufficient for large audience numbers.


Presentations include some CGI images which transport viewers back in time, together with recent photography illustrating Jerusalem and related archaeological discoveries.



In-depth Presentations


Optional presentations illustrate all four Jerusalem temples mentioned in the Bible.

Pictures by digital artist Ted Larson are used to depict the world restoration plan outlined in Ezekiel’s final chapters.



Children’s Presentations


There is a special program for children aged 8-12 years, which illustrates the Tabernacle and the first two temples in Jerusalem.


Planned activities include assembling small 3D-printed models, as seen below.

Overview of the Old City of Jerusalem with the Mount of Olives in the background

A night-time scene in the Temple courts facing the Nikanor Gate and the Sanctuary